Chapter Five: Collectors of Antiquities

Notice to Director.
23. A collector shall communicate to the Director, at his request, particulars prescribed by regulations in consultation with the Committee on Education and Culture of the Knesset concerning antiquities in his possession and shall permit the Director or a person empowered by him in writing to make a photograph or sketch or a cast, print or other reproduction thereof.
Antiquity of particular scientific importance.

24.(a)The Director or a person empowered by him may notify a collector that an antiquity in his possession is of particular scientific importance (any such antiquity hereinafter referred to as a "special antiquity").

     (b)The Director or a person empowered by him shall keep a record of special antiquities and of the particulars, photographs and sketches obtained or made under section 23 which shall be open to inspection by the public as he shall prescribe.

Transfer of special antiquity.

25.(a) When a collector wishes to sell or otherwise transfer a special antiquity, he shall give advance notice to the Director.

      (b) Within twenty-one days of receiving the notice, the Director may request that the antiquity be sold to the State. Where the antiquity is an integral part of a group of antiquities, the Director may only request as aforesaid in respect of the group as a whole.

      (c) When the Director and the collector do not reach agreement as to the consideration, the court shall decide the matter.

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