Chapter Seven: Antiquity Sites

Antiquity site.

28.(a) The Director may declare a particular place to be an antiquity site. The declaration shall be published in Reshumot.

     (b) When the director declares as aforesaid, a note to such effect shall be entered in the Land Register and notice shall be given to the owner and the occupier of the place, if their identity or addresses are known, and to the District Planning and Building Commission.

Prohibition of operations on antiquity site.

29.(a) A person shall not carry out, or allow to be carried out, any of the following on an antiquity site, save with the written approval of the Director and in accordance with the conditions thereof:

(1) building, paving, the erection of installations, quarrying, mining, drilling, flooding, the clearing away of stones, ploughing, planting, or interment;

(2) the dumping of earth, manure, waste or refuse, including the dumping thereof on adjoining property;

(3) any alteration, repair or addition to an antiquity located on the site;

(4) the dismantling of an antiquity, the removal of part thereof or the shifting thereof;

(5) writing, carving or painting;

(6) the erection of buildings or walls on adjoining property;

(7) any other operation designated by the Director in respect of a particular site.

(b) Notice of the designation of an operation under paragraph (7) of subsection (a) shall be published in Reshumot.

(c) When an antiquity site is used for religious requirements or devoted to a religious purpose, the Director shall not approve digging or any of the operations enumerated in subsection (a) save with the approval of a Committee of Ministers consisting of the Minister as chairman, the Minister of Religious Affairs and the Minister of Justice.

Saving of Law.
30. The provisions of this Law shall not derogate from the requirement of a permit under the Planning and Building Law, (5725-19652)
Restoration to previous condition.
31. A person who has carried out one of the operations specified in section 29 without approval or in contravention of the conditions of the approval, shall take action, in accordance with the directions of the Director, to restore the antiquity site of the antiquities situated thereon to its or their former condition; but the Director may, after giving the person written notice, himself take all the steps required for that purpose and recover from him the expenses incurred.

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