Chapter Nine: Archaeological Council and Objection Committee

Archaeological Council.

34.(a) The Minister shall appoint an Archaeological Council and shall by regulations prescribe its composition and period of tenure and procedure for its deliberations and work.

      (b) The Council shall advise the Minister and the Director on matters of archaeology and antiquities they may bring before it and shall carry out the functions assigned to it by this Law.

       (c) The Council may delegate powers to committees from among its members.

Objection Committee.
35.There shall be established by the side of the Council an Objection Committee of three members, two of them appointed by the Council otherwise than from among its members and one a Judge, or person qualified to be a Judge, appointed by the Minister of Justice to be chairman of the Committee.
Powers of Objection Committee

36.(a) A person who considers himself aggrieved by any of the following decisions of the Director may object thereto before the Objection Committee, but without the filing of objection voiding the decision:

(1) the fixing of the boundaries of an area referred to in section 2(a);

(2) a second or subsequent request for delivery of an antiquity under section 5;

(3). a refusal to grant, the revocation or suspension of, or the attachment of conditions to, an excavation licence

(4) a refusal to grant, or the revocation or suspension of, a licence to deal in antiquities;

(5) a refusal to grant a permit under section 22(b);

(6) notification that a particular antiquity is of national value;

(7) notification to a collector that an antiquity in his possession is a special antiquity;

(8) notification that a particular antiquity is or is not an integral part of a group of antiquities;

(9) refusal to grant approval under section 29.

(b) In an objection proceeding, the Objection Committee may give any decision the Director is competent to give under this Law.

(c) An Objection Committee shall have all the powers vested in a committee of inquiry within the meaning of the Commissions of Inquiry Law, 5729-1968.4


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