Chapter Seven: Various Directives


29. The Law of the Authority has the same force as the law of the State with respect to the remittance of taxes, the stamp tax, fees [for government or other public services], probable taxes, levies and other mandatory payments.

Damage Liability
30. The law of the Authority has the same force as the law of the State with respect to the Law of Civil Damages (Liabilities of the State), 5712-19528.
Rules Concerning Council Members and Employees of the Authority

31. (a)  The law for employees of the Authority has the same force as the law for employees of the State with respect to the following enactment:

(1) Knesset Election Act [New Version], 5729-19699;

(2) State Service Act (Classification of Party Activities and Fundraising), 5719-195910;

(3) Public Service Act (Gratuities), 5740-197911;

(4) Public Service Act (Restrictions at Retirement), 5729-196912;

(5) Penalties Act, 5737-197713 – directives pertaining to public employees;

(6) Testimonies Order [New Version], 5731-197114;

(7) Damages Order [New Version] 15;

(b) The State Service Act (Discipline), 5723-196316, shall apply to employees f the Authority as though they were employees of the State. In this regard, the Minister of Education and Culture is synonymous with the Minister wherever Minister is mentioned in this Law, and the Director is synonymous with the Director General wherever Director is mentioned in this Law.


Implementation and Regulations

32. The Minister is appointed to implement this Law and he may, after consultation with the Director and Council, enact regulation with respect to implementation.

Amendments to the Antiquities Law

33. In the Antiquities Law -

(1) In paragraph 1 –

(a) after the definition of “sites of antiquities” should come”

“ “The Authority” – the Antiquities Authority as understood in the Antiquities Authority Law, 5749-1989”;

(b) in the definition of “collector” read “who had a collection” instead of  “who collects”;

(c) strike the definition of “the Department”;

(d) in place of the definition of  “the Director” read “ “the Director” – Director of the Antiquities;
(2) in paragraph 8, after “the Director” read “with the approval of the Minister”;

(3) in paragraph 14, instead of “after consultation” read “with the approval of the Minister and after consultation;

(4) in paragraph 15, instead of “the Director” read “the Minister” and at the conclusion read: “The Minister may authorize the Director or any other employee of the Authority regarding the issue raised in this paragraph”:;

(5) in paragraph 18(a), in place of “the Director” read “the Minister or an individual who has been authorized in accordance with paragraph 15”;

(6) in paragraph 34(b), after “to the Minister” comes “to the Director and to the Council of the Authority”;

(7) in paragraph 36 –

(a) in subsection (a), in place of “from the decisions of the Director” read “from the Director”;

(b) in place of subsection (b) read: (b) the appeal board may decide to accept an appeal, defer it or decide with respect to any other decision;

(8) in paragraph 42, in subsection (a) (1) in place of “the Department” read “the Authority” and in subsection (c) after “the Minister”, read “according to the suggestion of the Authority”;

(9) in paragraph 44, in place of “in the Council” read “with the Director,  with the council of the Authority and with the Council”;

(10) in 46(a), after “may” read “after consultation with the Director and the Council of the Authority” and after “licenses” read “approvals, permits or services”;
(11) after paragraph 46 read:


Revenues Accruing to the Authority

46a. Fees and other revenues, with the exception of fines, collected as a result of this Law, shall be paid to the treasury of the Authority”.

Amendment to the [             ] Order

34. In the [             ] Order17 –

(1) I paragraph 2, in place of the definition for “an historical site” read:
“ “an historical site” – a site of antiquities as it is understood in the Antiquities Law, 5738-1978”;

(2) in paragraph 8(1) (a) (2), I place of “the Director of the Antiquities Department” read “the Director as understood in the Antiquities Authority Law, 5749-1989”.

Observance of the Law

35. Subject to paragraph 5(c), the directives in this Law cannot detract from the directives in the National Parks, National Reserves and National Sites Act, 5723-1963.

Transition Directives

36. (a) Anyone appointed as Director of the Department prior to the commencement of this Act shall be considered as if he were appointment as Director according to the Act for a term of office as at the day that the Act came into force.

(b) The government shall pass to the Authority all of the amounts budgeted for in the Budget Act for the current fiscal year for those activities of the Department whose implementation was passed to the Authority and for which there has not been an expenditure until this Act came into force. Until the end of the current fiscal year, the budget of the activities of the Authority will be in accordance with the budget passed to the Authority, as previously stated, with changes stemming from the establishment of the Authority. In this case, “the current fiscal year” refers to the fiscal year in which this Act comes into force.



37. This Act will be published in Reshumut within 30 day of its acceptance.


Chaim Herzog     Yitzhak Shamir      Yitzhak Navon
President of the State   Prime Minister      Minister of Education and Culture


* passed by the Knesset on the 21st day of Tammuz (July 24, 1989); the Bill and Explanatory Note were published in Hatza‘ot Chok 1926 of 7 Nisan 5749 (April 12, 1989), p. 67.
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