The IAA offers you the possibility to receive full logistic services, administrator and coordinator, transportation or anything else you may need for your excavation.

You can order a package deal that includes all, and hence will enable you to arrive to Israel without worrying about bringing any equipment whatsoever, or you can order specific items according to your needs.

The package deal includes items such as:
Container, tables, chairs, stretcher, first aid kit, all tools, fence, shade cover with plastic tube supports, pottery bags and tags, plastic bags, boxes for material culture, office supplies, theodolite with tripod and measuring rod, etc.

The price of the package deal will be calculated according to the number of workers x the number of days of the excavation.

Additional logistic services: (separate prices)
Chemical toilets, equipment transportation, generator, security guard, mechanical equipment (JCB, etc.), administrator (per day), workers for setting up camp.

Specific items:
If you do not wish to order all the package deal, you can order specific items according to your needs.

For orders or any further information, please contact:
Hannah Erez,
Marketing manger
Tel: +972-52-4769774
Fax: +972-2-6260460