Excavations, Surveys & Research Department

The central professional department of the IAA consists of highly-experienced excavating archaeologists, researchers, experts in related professions, and coordinators of scientific reports. The department has authority over scientific matters and is in charge of granting licenses and permits for excavations, as well as initiating scientific contacts with archaeological institutions in Israel and abroad.

Department Director: Dr. Omri Barzilai,

tel. 02-5892285/286

Deputy Department Director: Dr. Hamoudi Khalaily , tel. 02-5892217

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Ruthy Shem-Tov, tel. 02-5892285


Branches of the Excavations, Surveys and Research Dept.


Surveys Branch: Dr. Ofer Sion, tel. 02-5892215

Scientific Processing Branch:  Dr. Danny Syon, tel. 04-9911682

Prehistory Branch: Dr. Ianir Milevsky , tel. 02-5892208

GIS Research Branch: tel. 02-5892248

Physical Anthropology Section: Dr. Yossi Nagar, tel. 02-5892257

Petrography Laboratory: Dr. Anat Cohen-Weinberger, tel. 02-5892228

Glass Section: Mrs. Yael Gorin-Rosen, tel. 02-5892212

Archaeozoologist: Nuha Agha, tel. 02-5892201