Responsible for enforcing the Law of Antiquities, including ongoing inspection, approval of development plans at antiquity sites, supervision of rescue excavations and excavations initiated by research institutes. The regional offices represent the IAA in contacts with contractors and public companies. The offices also conduct rescue excavations aided by a staff of permanent and temporary employees who conduct inspections and studies of finds until the submission of a final excavation report.

Each regional office, headed by an archaeologist, is divided into districts, their number depending on the area’s character. Each district is headed by a district archaeologist, assisted by a team of inspectors, whose number is determined by the size and nature of the district. The district inspector is responsible for his defined geographical area (see plan of the regional organization in the regional work regulations).

Inspection duties include:

* Regular visits to sites.
* Examination of construction and development plans of public and private contractors, received in the regional office.
* Ongoing archaeological inspection of contractual work at declared sites.
* Follow-up and inspection of excavations.
* Regular contact with other inspection agencies in Israel.
* Replies to public inquires regarding antiquity sites and ongoing inspection.