The IAA participated in the Heritage I program, for technical and policy cooperation in underwater archaeology, for the protection of the underwater cultural heritage. The objective of RIAS: Organization of a Euro-Mediterranean Forum for Underwater Archaeological Heritage (F.E.M.A.M).

The Forum was coordinated by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

RIAS objective: to gather experts to discuss ways to ensure that all underwater heritage sites throughout the Mediterranean have the same protection against damage or unauthorized exploitation; To encourage contacts and exchanges between researchers, teachers, students, managers and civil servants of the countries of the European Union and those of the Associated Mediterranean Countries to bring together their experience in the field of underwater archaeology; To promote public interest and awareness of underwater archaeology; To protect the underwater archaeological heritage of the Mediterranean.

The main feature of this European Commission Project is the first serious attempt to coordinate the policies on the protection of the underwater heritage, as well as personnel training systems between the countries of the European Union and those of the associated countries.