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Introduction to Marine Archaeology in Israel

The Marine Archaeology Unit
The Marine Archaeology Unit is in charge of enforcing the Antiquities Law at sea and protecting and studying marine and underwater antiquities in the sea and inland lakes of Israel.

Legal Basis
Laws, Regulations and Conventions pertaining to the work of the Marine Archaeology Unit.

The Marine Archaeology Unit undertakes the task of educating the public to the importance of preserving the marine heritage.

International Conventions and Activities

Activies and archaeological remains on the coasts and in the waters of the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea

The Mediterranean Sea - Coastal Installations

The Mediterranean Sea - Development
The Marine Archaeology Branch served as a Specialist advisor while preparing the policy document for preserving the coastal waters of Israel

The Mediterranean Sea - Projects
Survey of special projects on behalf of the Marine Archaeology Branch

The Mediterranean Sea - Ships
In the sea along the Mediterranean coast of Israel, numerous shipwrecks and cargos have been found, testifying to the rich history of maritime activities and commerce in this area of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean Sea - Submerged Settlements
Submerged settlements dating as early as the 9th to the 7th millennium BP, have been exposed along the Israeli Mediterranean coast, including the Pre-Pottery Neolithic C settlement 'Atlit-Yam'.

The Mediterranean Sea - Coastal Cities
Ancient coastal cities of Israel Endangered cultural resource.

The Mediterranean Sea - Ports and Anchorages

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