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The National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel
The Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel

The National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel

Image Gallery

Imaging of the Canopies

Hellenistic-Roman Period

Hellenistic Period

Unknown Period

Roman Period

Roman-Byzantine Period

mugrabi ramp
mugrabi ramp

Message of the Chairman of the Board

Vision and Goals
The Israel Antiquities Authority will serve as the leading professional body in the study of the archaeology of Eretz-Israel...

The IAA has a strict policy concerning the main issues under its responsibility, e.g., excavating graves, salvage excavations and the preservation of the country’s building heritage.

Antiquities Law
The Antiquities Law 1978 was enacted in order to protect the antiquities of the country, i.e., any object, which was made by man before 1700 CE, or any zoological or botanical remains from before the year 1300 CE...

The Law of the Israel Antiquities Authority states that the IAA is the organization responsible for all the antiquities of the country, including the underwater finds. The IAA is authorized to excavate, preserve, conserve and administrate antiquities when necessary.

Organizational Structure
The IAA is responsible for protecting the antiquities of the country. Its many tasks are achieved by the institution’s devoted workers, who are organized in many departments and operate in different districts throughout the country.

Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum vitae of the IAA archaeologists.

Services Provided for Foreign Archaeological Excavation Missions

History of the IAA

Information for the Public
Ongoing Excavations
List of ongoing excavations on behalf of the IAA...

Excavations’ Licenses
List of the Licenses issued by the IAA since July 2004 (launch of the website)

Submission of Annual Reports and Excavation Reports: Guidelines for Scholars Outside the IAA

Israel Antiquities Authority – Policy for Granting Excavation Licenses in Israel

Israel Antiquities Authority: Annual Report, according to Freedom of Information

Guidelines for granting excavation licenses in Israel

Join a Dig
Volunteers from Israel and abroad are invited to take part in archaeological excavations

IAA Employment Opportunities

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Byzantine Period

IAA Archives
General Information
The IAA archives hold scientific files from the days of the British Mandate until the latest excavations. The files are available for study in the archive, during opening hours and only by appointment.

Regulations for Study and Use of Archival Material

Guidlines for the Researcher
Guidlines for Requesting Information from the IAA Archives

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Legacies kept at the IAA archives

Articles Concerning Documents of Special Interest in the IAA Archives

IAA Publications
General Information
The Publications of the IAA have been printed since the 1950s. Today the IAA publishes four series - Hadashot Arkheologiyot-Excavations and Surveys in Israel, `Atiqot, Archaeological Survey of Israel and IAA Reports - as well as special publications, such as guides to archaeological sites and catalogues.

List of Publications
An updated order list of the IAA publications, including the tables of contents of the various series

IAA's Publication Distributors Worldwide

General Information
The major task of the Spokesmanship Department is to present the IAA's policy on various topics in the media, in accordance with the Law of Antiquities.

Filming Rights
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Press Announcements
Press announcements of discoveries and other activities of the IAA

Press Kit
Information concerning the activities and goals of the IAA

Information and External Affairs

The Israel Antiquities Excavations in the City of David Movie

General Information
The IAA unit of Information and External Affairs is responsible for explaining the IAA policy to the public in Israel and around the world, as well as making contacts with other organizations that share similar interests.

The Knesset Lobby for Archaeology
The Keneset Lobby was established in order to advance the IAA in the archaeological research of Israel.

The Museum and its Exhibitions

General Information
The establishment of the library dates to the time of the British Mandate, probably in 1926. Today the library houses the oldest and most extensive collection of publications on the archaeology of the Land of Israel, including: reports of archaeological excavations in the Land of Israel and neighboring countries, e.g., the Ancient Near East and Egypt.

Search within the IAA Library at the Rockefeller Museum

About the Library
Articles Surveying the History of theRockefeler Library and its Rare Books' Collection

The President's Circle

Marine Archaeology
Introduction to Marine Archaeology in Israel

The Marine Archaeology Unit
The Marine Archaeology Unit is in charge of enforcing the Antiquities Law at sea and protecting and studying marine and underwater antiquities in the sea and inland lakes of Israel.

Legal Basis
Laws, Regulations and Conventions pertaining to the work of the Marine Archaeology Unit.

The Marine Archaeology Unit undertakes the task of educating the public to the importance of preserving the marine heritage.

International Conventions and Activities

Activies and archaeological remains on the coasts and in the waters of the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea

The Mediterranean Sea - Coastal Installations

The Mediterranean Sea - Development
The Marine Archaeology Branch served as a Specialist advisor while preparing the policy document for preserving the coastal waters of Israel

The Mediterranean Sea - Projects
Survey of special projects on behalf of the Marine Archaeology Branch

The Mediterranean Sea - Ships
In the sea along the Mediterranean coast of Israel, numerous shipwrecks and cargos have been found, testifying to the rich history of maritime activities and commerce in this area of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean Sea - Submerged Settlements
Submerged settlements dating as early as the 9th to the 7th millennium BP, have been exposed along the Israeli Mediterranean coast, including the Pre-Pottery Neolithic C settlement 'Atlit-Yam'.

The Mediterranean Sea - Coastal Cities
Ancient coastal cities of Israel – Endangered cultural resource.

The Mediterranean Sea - Ports and Anchorages

Preventing Antiquities' Robbery
General Information
The IAA has a special unit for preventing antiquities’ robbery. Israel is one of the few countries in the world to operate an independent unit for this important cause...

Report an Antiquities' Robbery
Please Inform us of any Antiquities' Robbery

List of stolen Antiquities
Anyone with information about stolen items – their current location, reasons for their disappearance or any other relevant information – is asked to contact the IAA at shod@israntique.org.il

In the Footsteps of the Antiquities Robbers
Stolen Antiquities, Some of Great Historical and Scientific Importance, are often concealed in Private Houses Far Away from Public and the Archaeologists...


Educational Programs
General Information
The IAA operates four educational centers throughout the country in order to enhance school students, as well as the general public, to care and preserve the country's antiquities and antiquity sites.

Virtual Exhibitions

The Holidays of Tishri, Antiquities and the Connection between Them

Sickels' Secrets

Masks, Rattles and Purim Customs

Light! Light! Light Many Chanukah Lamps!

A Sea od Discoveries

The Name of the Game - Ancient boardgames in Israel

Beyond the Sea...

Archaeological Survey of Israel
The Survey of Israel website


Gallery of Sites and Finds
General Information
Presented here are lists and primary reports on excavations conducted in recent years. The excavations are listed according to their geographical location.

Gallery of Sites and Finds
Short Reports on Excavations Conducted in Israel in Recent Years, Mostly by IAA Archaeologists


Islamic Period


Antiquities' Trustees
General Information
In 2002 the Israel Antiquities Authority decided to renew the activity of the Antiquities' Trustees , and many new applications have been received. Times are different today and it is still too early to evaluate how the new Trustees will develop their role...

The Dead Sea Scrolls
The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition

Exhibition Structure

The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibitions around the World

The Qumran Library

The New Excavations

The Importance of the Discoveries in the Judean Desert

Conservation of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Completion of the Publication of the Scrolls


Adopt a Scroll
Dead Sea Scroll fragments are available for adoption through the sponsorship of their preservation and conservation...

The Dead Sea Scrolls Movie
A 7 minutes movie about the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls Catalogue

The Dead Sea Scrolls Interactive CD

National Treasures
About the National Treasures Department

The IAA Policy Concerning Archaeological Collections

IAA Repositories
The Center for Israel's Antiquities

The IAA Coin Department

The IAA Coin Department

Ancient Coins from the Holy Land Exhibition

Hoards from the IAA Coin Department

National Treasures Exhibitions in Israel

"Peace be within thy Palaces" - Jerusalem Antiquities in the Knesset

Coin Exhibition at the Davidson Center

Jerusalem - an International Center as Seen from the Coins Exhibition

The Archaeological Garden, The President's House


The Dead Sea Scrolls

National Treasures Exhibitions Worldwide

The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition

Exhibitions held by the Israel Antiquities Authority
The Israel Antiquities Authority loans objects for exhibitions and in the past, the following expositions were displayed:

Ancient Glass from the Holy Land Exhibition

The Cave of the Warrior - A 6,000-Year-Old Burial Assemblage from the Judean Desert Exhibition

Newly Discovered Family Tombs in the Kidron Valley Exhibition

A Byzantine Gold Hoard from Bet She’an Exhibition

Fragments from the Temple Mount of Herod the Great Exhibition

The Lintel from Kafr Yassif on display in the UN Exhibition

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Selected Artifacts from the Shelby White and Leon Levy Center for National Treasures

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