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Gallery of sites and finds

Gallery of Sites and Finds

The Golan Heights and Hermon mountain
Banias, Generall backgroud
Nimrod Castle, overview
Omrit, Kh., Horbat Omrit A Roman Temple at the Foot of Mount
Northern Galilee and Hahula Valley
Chorazin, Overview
Merot, Kh., overview
Peqi`in, A Chalcolithic Burial Cave in Peqi`in, Upper Galil
Rosh Pinna
Tanim, Tell
Southern Galilee and the valleys
Arbel, Ancient Synagogue
Beth Shean, General Background
Kfar Cana, Early Remains in Kfar Cana
MIgdal, Fishing Boat from Migdal
Synagogue Found on Horvat Kur (Galilee)
Tiberia, Excavations near the Galei Kinneret Hotel in Tiber
Tiberias, Mount Berenice
Tiberias, The Crusader Fortress of Tiberias
Tiberias, overview
Yodfat, overview
Northern Coastal Plain and Shephelah
Acre, General Overview
Akko, Amphora imports from the Aegean in Akko in the Ear
Beth Guvrin, General Background
Kh. Tinshemet, The Tyche from the Church of Bacchus near Kh. Tins
Ramle, The White Mosque, The EXcavations
Shoham, The Shoham Bypass Site
Tel Burga, Salvage Excavations at Tel Burga
Tell Hadid, two written documents from Tel Hadid.
khanni, Kh
Jerusalem and the Judean Hills
Akeldama, From the Diaspora to Jerusalem: Newly Discovered F
Finds of the Second Temple Period from the New Exc, Finds of the Second Temple Period from the New Exc
Jersalem, Bathhouses in Byzantine Jerusalem
Jerusalem, About the Eastern Cardo in Roman-Byzantine Jerusal
Moza, An Early Pre-Pottery Neolithic Blade Cache from th
The Renewed Excavations at Qumran
Southern Coastal Plain
Ben Shemen Interchange
Tel Ashdod, North Tel Ashdod excavation summary of two seaso
Southern Negev, Arava and Eilat
'En Hazeva, Summary Report on Excavations at 'En Hazeva - 1990
Sufa, Kh., A chancel screen from Khirbet Sufa (Near Be'er She

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