A compound measuring 102 x 135 m, enclosed by stoae built in the Ionic style (2.9), was exposed on the western side of the northern street, next to where it opened into the civic center of the city. A magnificent propyleum led from the street to the compound, along the latter’s main longitudinal axis. A monumental basilica (2.5) borne a top a podium and built in the Corinthian style was located on the western side of the compound and it seems that a temple stood in the center of the compound. An odeon (2.8) was built next to the compound’s southern stoa; it was a small covered theater that probably also served as a bouleterion where the city council convened. It seems that the stoa enclosed compound and the basilica that was erected in the first half of the 2nd century CE were a forum/basilica (Caesarum), comprising in Imperial Roman architecture a compound dedicated to the cult of the emperor.