In the final seasons of excavation (2006-2007) impressive evidence of fortifications from the Middle Bronze Age II was discovered in the excavations at Tel Zafit/Gat. These fortifications, which were discovered in Area F on the upper tell, northeast of the tell’s summit, are tangible evidence of the formidability of the fortifications at this site in the period under discussion. Until now a number of fortification elements were exposed, which include an impressive stone wall, an earthen glacis, towers (?), and possibly even an approach to the gate.

Even though we are dealing with a preliminary analysis of these finds, we can very likely deduce a number of facts from them:
• The size of the site in the Middle Bronze Age II.
• The status of the site compared to other contemporary sites (Tel Miqne for example).
• The nature and function of the fortifications at Tel Zafit itself and by implication those of other contemporary sites.