. The project, in cooperation with the Israel Antiquities Authority, offers participants an exciting experience that combines an ancient game of kings, the story of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, acquaints them with the mysteries of ancient Egyptian writing and gives them hands-on experience in an archaeological excavation camp. Along with all of these, Ha-Chava will host “Dubala and Friends” – a show that dramatizes the story of the exodus from Egypt in an educational and entertaining way that combines environmental and social messages.

As part of the journey back in time the Antiquities Authority will set up an excavation compound where one can discover different artifacts such as pottery sherds and coins, as well as candy in between… The children will be invited to go on an adventure in time, equipped with special tools with which they will dig and find the remains of an ancient kingdom.
The activity will reveal the ancient Egyptian culture to the children, including an abundance of different archaeological finds, the symbols of the monarchy, the hieroglyphics, the world of art, and more.

In addition to the excavation compound, visitors to Ha-Chava will enjoy a number of activity stations, among them, the Egyptian writing station – where they will learn about the mysteries of ancient hieroglyphics and experience preparing an Egyptian cartouche with various decorations; a “workshop” – where they will learn the games of the ancient kings of Egypt, prepare an ancient game board and play with it; and the Tutankhamen station – the story of the pharaoh Tutankhamen who ascended to the throne as a child. The children will be told the story of the discovery of the pharaoh’s tomb and make a copy of his mask.

Besides the activities dealing with ancient Egypt, visitors to Ha-Chava can enjoy a variety of other activities including a “Dubala” show – the Hagada story as it has never been told before; “Geppetto’s Club” – a carpentry workshop where parents and children can build together; and story times, arts and crafts stations, searching for Ha-Chava’s afikoman, and more.

The activities will take place in shady enclosures from April 20-25, between the hours 9:30 and 15:30.

Admission: 49 NIS per ticket, and 44 NIS for Tel Aviv residents. The ticket price includes all of the activities at the site.

Free parking is available to visitors to Ha-Chava (70 dunams of experiences in nature in the heart of Tel Aviv).