Today the Antiquities Authority convened a meeting of approximately twenty experts for a special consultation at the site of the archaeological excavations at Megiddo Prison. Participating in the consultation, which was headed by Shuka Dorfman, Director-General of the Antiquities Authority, were Professor Michele Piccirillo – an expert in Christian archaeology from the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Dr. Leah Di Segni – an expert in Greek epigraphy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Professor Joseph Patrich of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University and archaeologists and experts in conservation from the Antiquities Authority.

Upon the completion of the discussion it was concluded there is no doubt as to the importance of the archaeological discovery that was uncovered in the Megiddo Prison excavations; however, the excavation and study of the site should continue in order to confirm the dating of the building and its use. It was also decided to remove the mosaic from its location and transfer it to the conservation laboratories of the Antiquities Authority in order that it may undergo preliminary treatment. The removal of the mosaic from its location will also allow the Antiquities Authority to check for finds below it. Following the conservation treatment of the mosaic and the conclusion of the excavation, the Antiquities Authority will conduct further discussions at the end of which a determination will be made regarding the future of the site and the manner in which it will be exhibited to the public.

The Antiquities Authority will report the main points of the discussion to the head of the Prison Service.