Position: Senior research archaeologist;
Department: Archaeological Research Department
Higher Education:
Ph.D., 2012, Ben-Gurion University
Research interests :
Prehistoric Archaeology, Lithic technology,  Craft Specialization

Ongoing research projects:

  • The prehistoric village of Moza
  • The Early Pre Pottery Neolithic and late Pottery Neolithic (Wadi Rabah) site of Ahihud
  • The prehistoric village of Eshtaol
  • The Natufian and Harifian occupations of Ashalim (Shunera dunes)
  • Epi-paleolithic to chalcolithic occupations along the Egyptian-Israeli border (Project Hourglass)


Selected publications:

  • Vardi, J., Yegorov, D., Crouvi, O., and Birkenfeld, M. 2015. Renewed excavations at site K7: A Final Report of the 2012 Salvage Excavation at Har Harif Plateau. Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society 45:170-191.
  • Vardi, J. 2015. Larnite bearing rock: The Discovery of a new source of raw material in the production of Neolithic and Chalcolithic bifacial tools. Archaeometry 57 Supplement 1:20-35.
  • Vardi, J. and Gilead, I. 2013. Chalcolithic – Early Bronze Age I transition in the southern Levant: the lithic perspective. Paléorient. 39:1, 111-123.
  • Vardi, J. Golan, A., Levy, D. and Gilead, I.  2010. Tracing Sickle blades Levels of Abrasion and Discard Patterns: a New Sickle Gloss Quantification Method. Journal of Archaeological Science  37:1716-1724.
  • Vardi, J. and Gilead, I. 2013.Keeping the razor sharp: hafting and maintenance of sickles in the southern Levant during the 6th and 5th millennia bc. in, Borrell, F; Ibáñez, J. J; and Molist, M (editors). Stone Tools in Transition: From Hunter-Gatherers to Farming Societies in the Near East: 7th Conference on PPN Chipped and Ground Stone Industries of  the Fertile Crescent.Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Servei de Publicacions. 377-395.