(This paper represents a summary of my doctoral dissertation presented to Tel Aviv University in December 2005).
Following a comprehensive reanalysis of Samaria and Megiddo, it can now be shown that at Samaria only Building Period I can be attributed to the 9th century Omride dynasty and that Building Period II must be downdated to the 8th century, while at Megiddo it is Stratum V that must be attributed to the 9th century and Stratum IV(IVA) that must be downdated to the 8th century. In addition, Stratum IVB (VA-IVB) has now been proved non-existent.0
This new stratigraphic correlation revealed a number of similarities in the monumental architecture at both sites. These similarities provide a clear chronological correlation between the two 9th century cities, as well as the two 8th century cities, and so provide a firm link to the chronological anchor represented by Omride Samaria.