A multi-season archaeological project was inaugurated in July 2006 at Tel Gezer, located at the edge of the Shephelah, overlooking the coastal plain and the pass leading from the coast towards Jerusalem. The excavations were co-directed by Steven Ortiz and Sam Wolff and were co-sponsored by New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and the Israel Antquities Authority. Excavations concentrated along the casemate fortification wall immediately to the west of the so-called Solomonic Gate. Despite the fact that much of the area had been excavated by previous investigators (Macalister, Dever), we were able to identify Late Bronze Age and early Iron Age remains under the level of the casemate wall, Iron IIA remains going with this wall, later Iron Age II remains attached to this wall, and Hellenistic remains above this wall. In future seasons the goal will be to link Hebrew Union College's Field III (the 'Solomonic Gate') with their Field VII and the fortification systems (both the casemate and the Outer Wall), thus enabling us to better understand and hopefully date all features in the area.