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Core and periphery Egyptian-Levantine interaction at the very beginning and very end of the 4th millennium BCE: A study in contrasts

Edwin C.M. van den Brink, Israel Antiquities Authority

Six different phases of Egyptian-Levantine interaction have been distinguished to date for the one millennium spanning the Chalcolithic to Early Bronze Age II in the southern Levant, coinciding with the Nagada and Buto-Maadi cultures to Second Dynasty in Egypt (ca. 3900-2900 BCE; Levy and van den Brink 2002: Table 1.7). Best understood and documented in terms of core-periphery interaction is the latest, 6th  phase, namely the one unfolding during the late EB I-early EB II, contemporary with terminal Dynasty 0 and Dynasty 1. Recent excavations in particular at Tel Halif Terrace, Tel Lod and Tell es-Sakan have contributed significantly to our understanding of what can now be described as a 4-tier hierarchy of Levantine sites with Egyptian affinities during this time (Braun and van den Brink, in press).
As a study in contrasts, today's topic will deal with the earliest two phases of Egyptian-Levantine interaction that developed during the transitional late Chalcolithic to early Early Bronze Age I periods, or, in terms of Egyptian chronology, during the time of the Nagada I-II and Buto-Maadi cultures. These first interaction phases are much less understood, but seem to include something of a late Chalcolithic paradox. 
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