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Message from the Director of the IAA
The Director of the IAA describes the main concepts of the organization, and sets its scientific goals for the present and the future.

Message of the Chairman of the Board

Vision and Goals
The Israel Antiquities Authority will serve as the leading professional body in the study of the archaeology of Eretz-Israel...

The IAA has a strict policy concerning the main issues under its responsibility, e.g., excavating graves, salvage excavations and the preservation of the country’s building heritage.

Antiquities Law
The Antiquities Law 1978 was enacted in order to protect the antiquities of the country, i.e., any object, which was made by man before 1700 CE, or any zoological or botanical remains from before the year 1300 CE...

The Law of the Israel Antiquities Authority states that the IAA is the organization responsible for all the antiquities of the country, including the underwater finds. The IAA is authorized to excavate, preserve, conserve and administrate antiquities when necessary.

Organizational Structure
The IAA is responsible for protecting the antiquities of the country. Its many tasks are achieved by the institution’s devoted workers, who are organized in many departments and operate in different districts throughout the country.

Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum vitae of the IAA archaeologists.

Services Provided for Foreign Archaeological Excavation Missions

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