Position: Head of the Archaeological Research Department
Department: Archaeological Research Department

fax:  972-5892238


Higher education: 
Ph.D., 2009, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Research interests:

Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition, Upper Paleolithic, lithic technology, Neolithic, geoarchaeology, prehistory 

Ongoing research projects:
  • Dan David expedition to Manot Cave: In quest for the origins of modern humans in the Levant.
  • Dating the transition between the Middle and the Upper Palaeolithic periods in the Negev.
  • Geoarchaeology and Paleolithic sites in the greater Jerusalem area.                                            
  • Open-air Mousterian site of Ein Qashsish.
  • Geoarchaeological survey of the Wadi Zin basin in the Negev.
Selected publications:
  • Been E., E. Hovers, R. Ekshtain, A. Malinski-Buller, N. Agha, A. Barash, D.E. Bar-Yosef Mayerg, S. Benazzi, J-J. Hublin, L. Levin, N. Greenbaum, N. Mitki, G. Oxilial, N. Porat, J. Roskin, M.Soudacko, R. Yeshurun, R. Shahack-Gross, N. Nir, Y. Rak, O. Barzilai. 2017. The First Neanderthal Remains from an Open-Air Middle Paleolithic Site in the Levant. Scientific Reports 7:2958.
  • Barzilai O., Hershkovitz I. and Marder O. 2016. The Early Upper Paleolithic Period at Manot Cave, Western Galilee, Israel. Human Evolution 31 (1–2):85–100.
  • Hershkovitz, I., O. Marder, A. Ayalon, M. Bar-Matthews, G. Yasur, E. Boaretto, V. Caracuta, B. Alex, A. Frumkin, M. Goder-Goldberger, P. Gunz, R.L. Holloway, B. Latimer, R. Lavi, A. Matthews, V. Slon, D. Bar-Yosef Mayer, F. Berna, G. Bar-Oz, R. Yeshurun, H. May, M.G. Hans, G.W. Weber and O. Barzilai. 2015. Levantine Cranium from Manot Cave (Israel) Foreshadows the First European Modern Humans. Nature 520 (7546):216–219.
  • Barzilai O. 2010. Social Complexity in the Southern Levantine PPNB as Reflected through Lithic Studies: the Bidirectional Blade Industries (BAR International Series 2180). Oxford.