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Object's Name: Fragment Vessel Lion, Zoomorphic, Medallion
Period: Mamluk
Material: Pottery
Site: `Akko
Diameter: 6.8 cm
Description: A medallion, part of a vessel or flat plaque such as a tile, with the figure of a lion (?) in relief, depicted in profile. The plaque and the figure are covered by turquoise alkaline glaze. The figure of the lion is ascribed to the Mamluk Sultan Baybars (1260-1277 CE). The blazon of a lion with a raised tail (which is missing on the medallion) is unique. It is known in glass vessels from the Mamluk period, on a few ceramic bowls, and on structural reliefs such as bridge near Ramla, the lion gate in Jerusalem and the madrassa bearing his name in Cairo.
Stern, E.J. and Manal SHalavi-Abbas 1999. Akko, Ha-Gedud Ha-Ivri Street. HA-ESI 19: 10*-12*, Fig. 19.
Mayer, L.A. 1933. Saracenic Heraldry. Oxford, 106-110, Pl. 1.
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