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Object's Name: Rim Small Bowl 
Period: Fatimid
Material: Glass
Site: Caesarea
Diameter: 9.8 cm
Description: Fragment of a small bowl with slanting walls and a round rim. The inner side of the bowl is decorated with luster painting with a reddish-brown tinge. The decoration consists of a scroll with palmette terminations. Scrolls and palmettes are among the most typical patterns used in the Fatimid repertoire. Based upon its style, the bowl can be dated to the end of the 11th century.
Lester, A. Arnon, Y. Polak, R. 1999. The Fatimid hoard from Caesarea: A preliminary Report. In : (ed). Barrucand, M. LEGYPTE FATIMIDE son art et son histoire. Paris, 233-248, Fig.5l.
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Rim Small Bowl  
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