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Project Partners

The following institutions and scholars are formally affiliated with the Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project.

Senior Partners
Israel Antiquities Authority Martin Peilstocker, Co-Director Research Archaeologist 17 Mikve Israel Street
P.O. Box 1230
Tel Aviv 61012, Israel
The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA Aaron A. Burke, Co-Director Assoc. Prof., Archaeology of Ancient Israel and the Levant UCLA Dept. of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures
MC: 151105
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1511, USA

Institutional Partners
Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Wolfgang Zwickel Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat
Fachbereich 01
Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultat
55099 Mainz, Germany
The Old Jaffa Development Company Yaron Klein, CEO Created in 1961 by the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, The Old Jaffa Development Co. is dedicated to the development of tourism in Jaffa. In 2007 its CEO, Yaron Klein, pledged the coordination of its efforts as a member of the JCHP. The company's kiosk is located near the Kikkar HaKedumim Visitor's Center, which it manages. 17 Mazal Dagim Lane
Tel Aviv-Yafo 68036
The Jaffa Museum of Archaeology The Jaffa Museum serves as the operations center for archaeological research at Jaffa. As of 2006 it is managed by the Old Jaffa Development Company. Materials from the Kaplan excavations as well as ongoing excavations by the JCHP are stored at the museum. Although the museum is currently closed to the public during renovations, groups can schedule special events at the Jaffa Museum. For more information contact the museum's manager, Naama Meirovitz, at +972 (03) 6825375. 10 Mifratz Shlomo Street
Tel Aviv-Jaffa,

Research Partners
Oren Ackerman Bar-Ilan University, Israel Project: Geomorphology and Geoarchaeology of Jaffa
Amnon Bar-Or Department of Architecture and Conservation, Tel Aviv University Project: Architectural Conservation of Jaffa
Katherine S. Burke Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA Project: Publication of Kaplan Excavations (Islamic and Ottoman periods)
Orit Tsuf Haifa University, Israel Project: Publication of Kaplan Excavations (Persian through Byzantine periods)

New Members
Institutions and scholars are always welcomed to join the Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project. Individuals conducting research on or related to Jaffa are also invited to contact the JCHP for assistance with research related to the programs outlined above.
For more information regarding the JCHP, please email jaffa@israntique.il.org.

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