Natural Resources Survey
During June-July 2007 a survey of the natural resources in the city walls was conducted. The survey was performed by Assaf Mayrose and Amir Balaban of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

The purpose of the survey was to create a tool that would aid in planning the conservation activity of the Old City walls, in view of the existing natural resources in them. This study reviews the natural resources in the wall and the immediate surroundings. It presents recommendations and guidelines that should be taken into account during the conservation work, and also identifies sections where the potential exists for developing natural infrastructures that are receptive to flora and fauna.
The Aims of the Study
  • Identify, map and describe the natural resources that are on the surfaces of the city walls and integrate them in the database of the Israel Antiquities Authority.
  • Understand the function of the natural resources in relation to the various infrastructures located in the wall and its vicinity.
  • Make recommendations for minimizing the impact on urban nature systems by the conservation work of the walls.

Surveying Procedures. The study included a survey conducted on foot, observations with binoculars and documentation by means of digital cameras with long focal length lenses. All of the finds were marked on an orthophoto map and were photographed both from close-up and from a wide angle so as to situate them on the walls. (It was not possible to provide a comprehensive and thorough documentation of the finds in each and every instance).

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