Preliminary Physical-Engineering Survey
A preliminary survey pertaining to the treatment of the Old City walls was conducted by Lilia Sokhanov (eng) from April 2006 until January 2007. The survey identified the most common problems in the wall and the causes that are responsible for the weathering and destruction and proposed general recommendations that are needed for the treatment of the monument. At the time the survey was carried out no severe constructive damage was discerned in the walls. Nevertheless, deformations were discovered which indicate the beginnings of destructive processes.
The Aim of the Survey
  • Evaluate the physical-engineering state of Jerusalem's city walls.
  • Identify general characteristics of the destructive processes at work in the walls.
  • Identify typical physical and engineering problems that are present the entire length of the wall.
  • Identify destructive factors.
  • Define the necessary solutions and measures to preserve the wall.
  • Define specifications that need to be implemented.

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