Jordanian Rule
When the soldiers of the Arab Legion conquered the Old City in May 1948 the city wall became the frontline in the middle of Jerusalem, a situation that continued almost 20 years until the city was liberated by the Israel Defense Force. The Jordanians set up fortified positions and outposts in the corners and towers at the top of the city walls from which they opened fire on the Jews who lived next to the walls, and during the Six Day War (1967) fought from there against the Israeli soldiers.
During this period the three gates in the city wall that faced Israeli territory were sealed, fortified and defended by the Jordanian Legion:
Zion Gate was captured by the Arab Legion and sealed with a concrete wall, a fortified barrier was erected at Jaffa Gate and the New Gate was closed.
After the Six Day War the three gates were reopened and most of the Arab Legion positions were removed.
The Jordanians implemented a number of changes in the city walls, noteworthy of which are the changes in the Dung Gate which included modifying it so that the vehicles of the Arab Legion could pass through it.

The Citadel during Jordanian rule, 1963
National Photograph Collection, photographer: P. Fritz
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